понедельник, 8 октября 2012 г.

Ставим Jenkins на VirtualBox

A Jenkins build server (LTS release) can now be easily installed on the minimalistic Debian VM:
  1. Download and install Virtualbox
  2. Download debian-stable-amd64-minimal.ova and import it into Virtualbox
  3. Start the “debian-stable-amd64-minimal” VM in Virtualbox
  4. If you are outside Nova Scotia, please review debian-stable-amd64-minimal.txt and adjust locale, timezone and Debian mirror based on your location
  5. Start an ssh session to localhost, port 1111 (using PuTTY, for example)
  6. Log in as user (default password is “user”)
  7. Issue “sudo install.sh jenkins” (default root password is “root”)
  8. Press enter for any questions during installation
  9. Open http://localhost:8888/ in a browser on the host OS for Jenkins web ui
You can go to “Manage Jenkins” – “Configure System” and see that JDK, Ant and Maven entries are already configured for you.
Important: Make sure to change root and user passwords to something secure, as mentioned in debian-stable-amd64-minimal.txt.

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